Ultramarathon Women

Extreme sports were once considered the exclusive domain of men. Nicky Redl explores the trailblazing world of female ultrarunners. This story went to air on ABC Radio National Life Matters. Listen below. … Continue Reading →

Javelina Jundred 100k

  Dangling skeletons, boozed-up volunteers and a blow-up sex doll. The Javelina Jundred in Arizona with its 100 mile and 100 kilometre distances is a cross between an ultra and … Continue Reading →

The Bear 100 Mile

  I had to get to the start line within half an hour or I’d miss it. Stuck in this foreign town, I was lost between winding streets and strange houses, … Continue Reading →

Runners – Ann Trason

Listen to and download the podcast with the full interview. The popularity of ultra running has shot through the roof with finisher numbers in the U.S. nearly tripling since 2007. And for many, … Continue Reading →

Runners – Wayne Demrey

    Long-distance races are grueling enough in mild temperatures, but think how it tough it would be to do all your training in the Australian Outback. It’s dusty, dry … Continue Reading →