You’ll find mostly travel and ultrarunning reports here, and interviews with some amazing runners and adventurers. I often wished there were more interviews with female ultrarunners, as a lot of coverage is still quite male focused. Complaining doesn’t tend to yield much in terms of results, and as I have a background in radio and online news journalism, I tracked down a few ultra women myself. Parts were broadcast on ABC Radio National and the full interviews are here. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed chatting with them.

Whenever attempting something big, I find mental preparation is the foundation. The interviews published here contributed to getting me through my first 100 Miler, the Bear 100, and subsequently the Leadville 100 and Hardrock 100, so they might be inspiring for you as well?

Races I’ve done myself are below so if I can help you with any info on those, you’re very welcome to get in touch,




Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run (USA)

Tarawera 100k (New Zealand)



Coast to Kosci 240k/150 miles (Australia)

Carcoar Cup 60k (Australia)

Blackmores Sydney Marathon (Australia)

Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run (USA)

Ultra-Trail Australia 100k

Sixfoot Track Marathon 45k (Australia)

Taupo Length of the Lake 67k (New Zealand)

Tarawera 100k (New Zealand)



Javelina Jundred 100k (USA)

The Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run (USA)

Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon (Australia)

The Miwok 100k Trail Run (USA)



The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc CCC 100k (France, Italy, Switzerland)

The North Face Ultramarathon 100k (Australia)



Ultima Frontera Ultramarathon 83k (Spain)

Berkeley Trail Adventure Ultramarathon 50k (USA)

Swiss Alpine Ultramarathon 78k (Switzerland)



Beirut Marathon (Lebanon)

Athens Marathon (Greece)

Frankfurt Marathon (Germany)

Amsterdam Marathon (The Netherlands)

Boston Marathon (USA)



Muenster Marathon (Germany)

Townsville Running Festival Marathon (Australia)

Dili Marathon (East Timor)



Yurrebilla 56k Trail (DNF) (Australia)



Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset Ultramarathon 100k (Mongolia)



Blackmores Sydney Marathon (Australia)



Milford Track, New Zealand

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