Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival

Who needs roses when you can have a thousand ukuleles?

On Valentine’s Day 2015, more than a thousand musicians shared their love for ukes in Katoomba at one of the world’s largest ukulele festivals, entertaining crowds with 120 acts on nine stages throughout town. Performances were staged in the gorgeous Carrington Hotel’s Grand Dining Room, Grand Ballroom, Baroque Room, in the Old City Bank Bar, the Paragon Cafe, the Entertainment Centre and in a Marquee on Katoomba Street – each with its very own flair.

Listeners who’d never touched a ukulele before could learn the first basics at a free beginner’s workshop and the more advanced could attend free classes on busking, recording and  how to stage your music – a workshop led by David Megarrity, who later reappeared looking quite different in the brilliant musical duo Tyrone and Lesley – have a listen above!

The festival is organized by the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group – the Blue MUGs.


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  1. Danke, erinnert mich an banjo, offenbar macht es sehr viel Spass! Haette dich auch gern gehoert u. gesehen! Gruesse, Magdalena

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